Thursday, 18 May 2017


Here, after eight years of collaborating together on music, films, art, writing and the mad but brilliant life we live together with our little boy Nico - my long-term fiance, sister-in-arms, soul mate and bestest friend, the gorgeous Miss Sarahjane Swan and I have finally edited together our first official ShowReel, culled from an array of underground films and weirdo music videos which we've obsessively created on pretty much zero budget from the heart of our metaphorical garret. Today we offer this to you all for your viewing pleasure and today we renew our vow to work tirelessly towards elevating ourselves from our current state of comfortable Engagement (7 years and counting!) to one of exciting and scary but beautiful marriage! Marry me soon, Sarahjane Swan! This is my Official Proposal to You.

Loving you both Always & Forever (to Infinity and Beyond!) 
Roger Alexander Small (aka Roger Simian)

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